Spoil Me Wonderful!

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So… you may or may not have seen my Christmas list post…  Feel free to scroll down a bit and check it out if you’re curious!  I loved some items so much I had to update.  1.  Yes, I am spoiled and received ALL of the items on my list.  2.  I love them so much and I want you to be jealous so I’m going to show some of them off.  Okay maybe I don’t WANT you to be jealous, but I want you to know how fabulous they are, which in turn might make you jealous so that’s what I was getting at.

If you aren’t jealous enough, please note that the pics in this post are taken about a block from my house.. so there’s that.

First up is the lovely Dinari.  I think all my friends that use Shoedazzle got her and obviously you can see why.  Beautiful!  The color is vibrant and they’re sexy – perfect for day or night.  (Apparently they’re great for the beach too!)  Purple is one of my favorite colors on the planet; I gravitate to it and anything in the purple/blue/pink color family is pretty much my favorite.  Except smiling, smiling’s my real favorite!  (hehe).

Dinari from Shoedazzle

Now you all know I’m not much of a”bag girl” but Tobias.. is.. well I have no words.  Gorgeous?  Stunning?  Fabulous?  Sexy?  All of the above!  Big enough for day use, fabulous enough for going out.  I got her in black too because I couldn’t pass up having it available for different outfits.  I NEEDED her.  YOU need her- every girl should have her.  She’s so versatile and so expensive looking.  The black had a textured option or smooth finish, I opted for the texture in that one as well (not pictured).  Ok.. so now that you’ve read about how amazing she is, look at her in all her glory.  You could say I’m coco-NUTS about her!

purse coconuts far Use this one
Tobias from Shoedazzle

And last (on this post anyway) but certainly not least, is the absolutely adorable Valarie.  I removed the ankle straps, because I wasn’t in the mood for them (seriously what an awesome option to have!) and I also felt they were completely appropriate for the beach.  Why not really?  All I see is a little bit of sand a heck of a calf workout!  Valarie doesn’t get cuter.  She’s comfortable and you will get SO many compliments wherever you go.  Valentine’s day is coming up, spoil yourself – whether you have a date or not.; Single or taken; holiday or no, she’ll make you feel amazing!

Valarie from Shoedazzle

So there’s some of my Christmas gifts.  I hope you appreciate them as much as I do.  I love that I don’t have to make “excuses” to wear them and just DO.  You should do the same.  There doesn’t have to be an occasion to treat yourself or to wear something special.  Go to the grocery store in Valarie and take Tobias to work.  Just live!


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Excess Baggage?

suitcase shoes

So I’m packing for a long weekend in San Diego and, as usual, I have more shoes than clothes.  My suitcase is mostly full and I was supposed to leave room to bring things back.  There’s so much shopping I want to do that I miss out on in Hawaii.  I’m trying to be rational about paying exorbitant fees for a second bag or just going all in and mailing stuff to myself which, lets be honest, is actually MORE costly and a hassle.

Why do we do this to ourselves?!  Because we NEED them.  I need a pair for each very unique event and activity I’m attending while there.  I need options in case I change my mind or my feet hurt or weather ruins my plans to wear adorable sandals or I simply change my mind on which ones to wear.

Everyone is purging and spring cleaning and clearing out their lives and I’m over here contently sitting under my mountain of shoes.  Moving and packing are the only times it’s ever even remotely considered a “problem”.

I will admit that I’ve gotten significantly better over the years, being more realistic and trying to fit in just the ones I know I’ll need and less of the “extra’s”.  This weekend is an exception.  I’m visiting my best girlfriends, we’re planning to eat A LOT which means dinners and get-togethers.  A drag show, and we all know I need to BRING IT for that and just the usual going out at night.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with me yet, I moved from San Diego to Hawaii last June.  I LOVE Hawaii and this is where I want to be and stay, but San Diego is an amazing place to call home and I miss so much about it.  If any of you Powerball players out there win and want to throw a Mil my way for a fabulous second home in San Diego I’d love you forever!

Now back to shoes.  Can we start one of those petitions on the White House site to make shoes fly free?  Like 1 suitcase for shoes that doesn’t count against you.  I don’t believe there would be any issue garnering support from the millions of women shoe-lovers who also want to look fabulous when they travel out there; not to mention their supportive loved ones who won’t have to pay extra bag fees and won’t have to nag them about the second bag.  Hear, Hear, ladies!

I have a 2 week trip to Europe coming up this spring and I’m already stressed about that one.  It’s going to be chilly, but I want to look cute, however we’re traveling to 5 different cities, and a few different flights/airlines which means I have to really tighten down the luggage load.  So trying to find cute/stylish walking shoes and still have shoes for going out it’s going to be quite an undertaking for an habitual shoe-over-packer like myself.

I’ve read the whole “bring a lot of black because it goes with everything”, which is true, but I just love color.  In the whole suitcase above, only one pair of solid black shoes.  I need spice and sass and patterns and sparkle!

What are your secrets to look fabulous but pack light?  Anything that isn’t the same old stories on all the travel sites?  Have any of you discovered a miracle shrinking cream that shrinks your shoes down to Barbie-sized pumps for travel and a reversal cream to bring them to normal size when you arrive?  If you have, PLEASE patent that miracle and go ahead and set up one of those little kickstarter deals and pass it along.  I’m IN.  I’ll get a second job to support that one!

Have a wonderful day!

– Kelly

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Let Your Feet Do the Talking..

Eternal Friend heels from Irregular Choice, hanging out in Times Square

Is anyone else into crazy shoes?  No?  Just me..?  Okay then.  Feel free to stick around and potentially be amused.  This post might even have multiple pictures!

So those that know me, know that I’ve got a quirky/silly personality and I am rarely serious.  I believe in having fun and enjoying life and living in the moment.  I’m impulsive and always up to try anything new.  This holds true in my footwear collection (with the exception of Crocs and Uggs, you will never find those in my world).  I have “ice cream” heels (pictured below), “dinosaur” heels (pictured below; and can I just tell you how difficult those suckers were to drive in?  Notice his destructive little foot encouraging me to accelerate?), black cats complete with whiskers, a pair with unicorn heads as heels (above) and even a pair with a “warning message” for when I’m in a less than approachable mood (pictured below).  I have a pair that are featured in many well known “shoe art” catalogs (to be featured at a later date), American flag shoes, black winged “Maleficent” type heels, heels with snakes wrapped around them… do I sound like Forrest Gump yet?  So you get the idea.


Sometimes you just want to say a little more without saying anything.  It’s almost like those mugs with the passive aggressive sayings or the quirky little pictures on them that gives you insight to someone’s personality, but less obvious than the typical t-shirt.  There’s a very quiet young man that works down the hall from me.  He seems shy and nervous, but I saw him in the kitchen area cleaning out his mug; which had fake brass knuckles as a handle.  Talk about insight!

It doesn’t take anyone long to figure out my goofiness, but I love that my shoes can do the talking and even be a conversation piece or ice breaker with complete strangers (when I’m in the mood of course).

I’m really looking forward to getting my new shoe room set up in the coming months and hoping to make a special display of my “novelty” and “fun” shoes.  Take away the seriousness of it all.

A birthday gift from a dear friend!

And finally, who doesn’t save room for dessert?  Really I should’ve put them first for the amateurs out there who don’t ever remember to save room!  100% delicious and calorie free for you New Year’s resolvers (see previous post on my stance on this).

ice cream 1
Ice Cream Heels from Shoebakery

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt through my quirky shoe personality side.  These days you an find me primarily in pointy toe pumps and stilettos, but every now and then I like to change it up.

– Kelly

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New Year, New….. Shoes?


Let’s face it.  All we’re going to hear about and have been hearing about in recent days and weeks is “New Year, New You” and similar statements.   If this is your wish, so be it.  It’s not mine.

At the very minimum, I don’t believe in waiting until the start of a new year to “start over”.  There’s nothing wrong with our past, it shapes who we are now.  If you want to change yourself or begin to workout or make a resolution, why not start in April? Or October?  Or any time the feeling strikes you.  I understand the “cleansing” feeling and the idea of the new beginning, but I don’t believe that this magical day is always the right time to do it.  Aside from that, who needs that kind of pressure?  Announcing it to the world and feeling like you’re a failure if you haven’t stuck to it.  Do it for yourself.  Do it whenever you want to do it.

So for for me, New Year, New Shoes is going to be as close as I come.  I’m going to do as I always do and go on adventures, try anything new I can find (with the exception of mechanical bulls or karaoke) and just live my life, new year or midway through.

I will admit that I’m a very blessed woman, and this year is bringing other “new” things as well, but that’s purely based on the calendar.  I’m less than 3 weeks away from closing on a new house!  Although it’s in the location I wanted, it’s going to be a lot of work.  The great news is that I’ll finally have a shoe room again, albeit small,  and I’m looking forward to making it perfect.  I can’t wait to share it with you all when it’s completed!

Be true to yourself and step outside of your box here and there – no matter what time it is!

– Kelly

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All I want for Christmas is….

My Shoedazzle Shoe Tree ❤

Shoes!  This should come as no big shock to anyone.  This particular tree is made out of all Shoedazzle items.  I am totally in love with their stuff and I have so many of their items on my wishlist this year!

I’m not hard to buy for, as you can see above.  I love shoes in all shapes and styles and colors.  Currently I’m in love with pointy toe pumps.  Stilettos are so sexy to me these days.  It was not so long ago that I didn’t wear them at all.  I was strictly a round toe, preferably with a bit of a platform girl.  I just thought they better suited me.  I still love that style as well, but I’ve definitely focused on expanding this section of my shoe world.

The first pair I’m hoping for is called Raziel.. they’re amazing and sparkly and lovely.. and perfect for New Years’ Eve!  I don’t even have plans yet, but I feel like no matter what Raziel should be a part of them.  Hello gorgeous!      http://www.shoedazzle.com/products/RAZIEL-PP1514748-0204?psrc=shop_shoes_new-arrivals

Raziel from Shoedazzle


Next up is Valarie.  Oh how I love me some polka dots!    Black and Red usually isn’t a combination I find myself wearing, don’t get me wrong, I like it, I just tend to gravitate to bright colors and if I’m wearing black it’s usually accompanied by a pink or a blue or something more unexpected.  These, however, are just wonderful.  The lace on the toe is divine and I need them in my life.  Can we say fabulous Minnie Mouse?  Yes please!  http://www.shoedazzle.com/products/VALARIE-PP1514781-0437?psrc=shop_shoes_new-arrivals

Valarie from Shoedazzle

Terrina, Terrina!  The best part of a wishlist is that you can go outside of your box and get crazy!  This is another pair I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself.  I’ve never been a huge fan of velvet but I would absolutely love to have these in my collection.  In fact, the more I look at them the more I feel as though I can’t live without them.  The deep blue is just beautiful and the sky high heel is heavenly.  These are a must for me and are already bumped to the top of my list.  I may even need the red too! http://www.shoedazzle.com/products/TERRINA-PP1514529-4810?psrc=shop_shoes_new-arrivals

Terrina from Shoedazzle

I wouldn’t normally call myself a “bag girl”.  I tend to stick to the same bag for a season day-to-day but love to mix it up when going out for drinks or dinner.  Tobias NEEDS to come my way this year.  She’s so fabulous and that texture and rich tone is beyond delicious!   Please please please let me find this under my tree Christmas morning!  Could you all get the word out to the big man in red for me?!  http://www.shoedazzle.com/products/TOBIAS-SE1514677-0001?psrc=shop_handbags

Tobias from Shoedazzle

And last, but certainly not least, call me predictable.  Dinari.  Now the only reason I don’t have these yet is because they’re suede.  Even that fabulous gold detail on the heel hadn’t convinced me to buy them for myself.  I have, however, fallen for them and am hoping Santa drops them by.  I do give in to suede on a VERY rare occasion.  As a matter of fact, I believe I could count on one hand how may pairs of suede heels I own and the only reason there are that many is that I have 1 pair in 3 colors.  The color is vibrant and beautiful and that detail is just stunning.  I love a bit of surprise on the heel, remind me to share the “snake” heeled pumps Shoedazzle had last year around this time.. they sure know how to “wow” me!  http://www.shoedazzle.com/products/DINARI-PP1514486-5010?psrc=shop_shoes_new-arrivals

Dinari by Shoedazzle

I hope you enjoyed my list and I hope you’re working on yours too!  I’ve gotta express mail this post to the North Pole and hope none of them sell out before he gets them for me.  I wish you blessings and peace and love and fabulous shoes now and all year round!

– Kelly

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How many is too many?


Well we all know this is not even a “thing” to me.  Too many?  What’s that?!  My saint of a husband finally brought it up to me this evening when we were discussing how we were going to work things out in our (potential) new house.  The shoe room is definitely going to be smaller than what I’m used to.  His words were “You may have to set a number and keep it.  At the rate you’re going, we’ll never have enough room.”  Bless his heart.  We’ve been married over 11 years and he’s always been my anchor; the rational side.  He keeps me grounded.  I know he’s right.  It’s true, homes in Hawaii generally have rooms that are far smaller than our previous home, and that room was “full” in a good way without being too crowded.

^3 Sets of shelves built by my sweet hubby in my former shoe room^

He has never once complained about my shoes, and in fact built the shelves in my shoe room.  He’s supported me and loves me in my heels.   He agreed to get a house with 1 more bedroom than we wanted just for my shoes.  No guilt, ever.  Today was a first, and a reality check.  How do I decide?  How could I possibly let go of my beloved heels?  I felt like I got rid of so many when we moved!  I know there are some that I just never wear and the glimmer of possibility that I’ll wear them again is nearly out; so I should donate them or sell them.  I’m just not in that space yet!  Perhaps in a few months when we actually have the house and are moving in and they aren’t fitting I can grasp the concept, but not today.

If you don’t know, I’m a brand ambassador for Shoedazzle.com and Justfab.com.  They enable me and, in fact, highly encourage me.  I love them for it.  They keep my collection growing and glowing!

I can’t say that complete strangers or co-workers or others never guilt me about it.  Which is funny, if my spouse doesn’t mind, why should you?  Are you my accountant?  Do you know my finances to be concerned about them?  I’m not sure what leads people to judge the lifestyle choices of those that don’t make the same decisions they do, but It’d be great if they just went ahead and kept it to themselves!

Anyway, enough about this tonight.  Rest assured, I have a myriad of shoes and always will.  They are not going anywhere.

– Kelly

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It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year?

2015-12-11 14.21.02

It certainly is to me!  While I know not everyone shares my sentiment, and I would never expect them to or try to force them to get in “the spirit” I really do feel that there is something “magical” about this time of year.   Just something in the air.  The decorations the sparkly lights – the warm drinks.  Baked goods, get-togethers, gifts, well-wishing… I could go on and on.  Even those that don’t celebrate Christmas or believe in it seem to lean a bit toward the festivities of this time of year.

On top of all that loveliness, is making the time to bake.  Baking in heels and an apron is probably so cliché and 50’s and sexist or whatever else, but it makes me feel absolutely fabulous!  I tend to stay rather busy, so events and parties that encourage me to bring a treat is my favorite way to force me to make the time for it.  I have a lovely lime green and soft pink kitchen with vintage pinup pictures and old fashioned water pitchers with a floral theme – It’s about as girlie as it gets.  It’s funny because I’m often told that I’m intimidating and make people nervous; so if they saw me in my pink kitchen with pink heels making crème brulee’s and cheesecakes it would probably be quite surprising.

The above picture is actually from last year.  I made 185 mini pies for single Marines who were unable to go home for the holidays.  Admittedly, this batch wasn’t the prettiest, as I was exhausted and did not fully think through what an undertaking that was going to be.  I just love to take care of others, especially this time of year when some (like me) are feeling so high and other’s are feeling so low.  I hope this finds you on the higher side of life, happy, healthy and feeling content with where you are.  One trick my husband and I do is, throughout the year, if we think of a funny story or a memory or randomly have an appreciation for something the other does, we write it down and put it in a jar.  Sometime in December, usually around Christmas or New Years, we sit down and read them together.  This could be a great pick-me-up for this time of year when we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed or just “in a funk”.

– Kelly

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A little piece of heaven..


Ahh my shoe room.  As I mentioned before, we recently moved so my little slice of heaven pictured is no more.  We’re renting now so I’m making due with only 2 of the small sets of shelves and overcrowding until we find our permanent home.  It will likely not be as big, but I can’t wait to have it back!   My dear sweet husband offered to put a set on his side of the bed in our already cramped bedroom so I didn’t consider downsizing.  Ahh I’m a lucky lady.

Most people don’t believe me when I tell me I have one.  They then make comments about me being crazy or having “a problem”.  Other’s are shocked and share it with friends and family members and significant others.  It always amuses me when I meet new girls and they tell me how many shoes they have and how they have more than anyone they know.   I usually just smile and tell them how “awesome” that is and let them have their moment.  They almost always end up finding out about my shoe room and feel silly or embarrassed.

I often get gifts with the phrase “She with the most shoes wins” and I absolutely love it.  I would never venture to say I have the most shoes, but I definitely have a lot and can never seem to get an accurate count.  My husband insists it’s over 600, I would say over 400.  Not counting the 20 or so pairs of Chuck Taylor’s and dozens of pairs of sandals and sneakers filling up my regular closet.  He built the shelves in the above picture, so I suppose he has some idea, I guess maybe we’ll meet him in the middle.

However big or small your collection, even if it’s just in your dreams, embrace them and take your favorite pair out and wear them around the house today or running errands just for fun.  That’s what they’re there for!  As a matter of fact I think I’m going to pull out my dinosaur heels right now.  Pics next time!

– Kelly

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Men, men I don’t know; but shoes, shoes I know…


Aloha fellow shoe queens!  I’ve been told so many times to start blogging so here goes.  In the words of Carrie Bradshaw “Men.. men I don’t know.  But shoes, shoes I know.”

I hope you’ll join me on my shoe love journey and occasional craziness enjoy them as much as I do!

I recently moved to Hawaii and wearing heels is rather uncommon here.  I’m still clinging to them and embracing the crazy looks for taking pictures in them on the beach, kayaking, hiking etc. though!  My shoe room has been severely downsized due to smaller home sizes here, but I’m working on making it a grand gallery once again and sharing it with all of you.

–  Kelly

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