My Little Piece of Heaven

Panoramic View

Well the shoe room 2.0 is nearly complete.  The shelves and shoes are in, but it’s not decorated yet.  There are about 25 additional pairs of shoes and one more single shelf full of shoes that are not pictured here.  It’s been a labor of love.


We purchased our home in February.  We hired a few contractors to begin renovations and we moved in in March even though they weren’t done.  Fast Forward to August.  Working every weekend on the house when my health would allow, every project seemed to have more problems than we could have even imagined.  My morale was low and I was growing tired, so my dear husband decided to put everything else on hold and focus on the shoe room.  This room began as the “worst” room in the house condition wise and is now the most beautiful.  There was actual grass growing into the baseboards!

We removed the old baseboards and flooring and found grass.  YES GRASS.

After a LOT of hard work, 2 electricians, a flooring installer, a flooring/grout stripper professional to fix the floor and about 6 weeks of non-stop work, it has exceeded my expectations.  This old house was “let go” beyond our wildest imaginations.  Today, with gloss black tile flooring looking like mirrors that reflect the shoes and a chandelier with crystals that cast rainbows on the beautiful lilac walls, it’s absolutely heavenly. The shelving units tilt forward as if to “display” my heels at the perfect angle.

Trying to get a picture that does this beauty justice..

Now I’ve got just a little bit of OCD, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with any of the traits, but the task of organizing my shoes became so overwhelming I almost didn’t do it.  And I still kind of didn’t.  Most of my “sole sisters” recommended that I sort them by color, however the idea of multi-colored and evenly patterned shoes and trying to fit them in gave me such anxiety I created my own system by style.

On the left (and smallest shelf) I have all of my round/closed toed pumps and wedges.  All solid/single colored heels are on the same shelf, and the patterned one’s are on others.  I have settled on an actual color order, so I need to re-do the 2nd shelf from the top.

Rounded, closed toe heels and wedges

On the middle (and largest at just over 8′ long) shelf are all my open toe shoes.  I even have a row of just heels with bows on them.  I also need to update these with the new color pattern.  I did sexy/strappy sandals at the bottom and you can see my boots and booties (not all of them) are also at the bottom – mostly in the boxes to preserve the shafts from bending.

Center shelving unit, 8 feet long.


Finally the right shelf, all my pointy pumps.  It’s amusing because just a few short years ago I did not love this style at all.  I now wear these the most.  As you can see in this shelf, my solid color row is actually in the proper order.  I finally printed an “ink color chart” that I decided was to my satisfaction and answered all of my questions.. i.e. where to does gold go?  Next to silver or near the nude?  Before or after the yellow?  So I’m content.  (Oh and according to my chart, gold goes after gray before silver.. say what?!)


Solid color pumps in order


Pointy-toed pumps

And there you have it!  As I mentioned before, I have another single shelf that holds all of my platform pumps that I rarely wear anymore, and all of my very expensive designer ones are staying protected in boxes in the closet.  I did block all sources of natural light from this room, to keep them from fading, but due to humidity here I wanted them to have additional protection.


It’s safe to say that my morale has improved.  My health is still a bit of a rollercoaster, but I now have one room in this house finished and I don’t think I could love it more.  I’m so grateful to my dear husband for putting literal blood and sweat into this room and working so hard on the very few free hours he has away from work to bring me such happiness.  When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed I go and lay on my zebra bench and just enjoy being there.  I’ll try and update this to show a few pics when I get décor hung and curtains in the closet.

So what do you think?  Any constructive criticism or suggestions?  How do you organize your shoes?


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JustFab Summer Picks

Aloha all!  I was just doing a little summer shopping and thought I’d share my summer must-haves from JustFab!  They have so many amazing items right now I wish I could get them all.  Let me know what you think of my picks and if you got any of them yourself!

First up is Persefinee.  She doesn’t require words.  She sold out almost instantly, was restocked and sold out again.  All of my friends have her and I’m kicking myself for not getting her (although rumor has it she’ll be back again before summer is up).  Fingers crossed!  You can scope more angles or add her to your waitlist here:

Persefinee from JustFab

I’m totally into easy summer dresses.  They’re comfortable but fabulous and keep you looking fresh and cool in the summer heat.  Add a summer hat or some adorable wedges and you’re ready for anything.  This embroidered flutter sleeve flutter dress is perfect for a summer concert or an easy barbeque or a day on the boat!  You can find her here:

Embroidered Flutter Sleeve Dress from JustFab

Less girly and a little more edgy for those nights out is this amazing bag: Thatcher.  She’s cool and unique with a bit of personality.  Easy to make your basic outfit just a little more exciting and still holds everything you need.  I’m probably going to take her with me to Ozzfest in California at the end of summer since she has that rocker vibe I love!  Shop her here:


Thatcher from JustFab

I overlooked these next little darlings due to them being basic nude and not my usual style.  Boy was I wrong!  My girlfriend was wearing these and they were hot!  Don’t underestimate the sexiness of a barely-there nude heel for summer!  I’m not sure I can wait for my JustFab cash in July to buy these, I need them NOW and I don’t want them to sell out!  Get them here:

Noemia from JustFab

And last, but certainly not least.. This gorgeous Crochet ruffle sleeve dress.  I can’t get enough of this Peach color and she looks like the perfect combination of comfort and sexy.  I can see myself wearing her for everything just changing my accessories to fit the occasion.  I will likely get her in multiple colors for this reason.  I really don’t think you could go wrong with her!   Get her in every color here:

Crochet Ruffle Sleeve Dress from JustFab

Well at the mercy of my bank account I’m going to stop there, although I can’t wait to spend my JustFab Cash and score more for less in a few weeks.  Did you get any of these pieces?  Any must-have’s that I missed?  Let me know!



These shoes were made for… Traveling!

So I made a terrible discovery on a recent trip.  The shoes in Romania are wonderful and beautiful… and they’re all too small for me!  I wanted to buy so many lovely shoes and they were all one size too small.

I packed LIGHT.. unbelievably light for me with the expectation to buy an entire suitcase full  of lovely new heels from around the world and I only found *1* pair (below).  It was absolutely heartbreaking.  We went to Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest and Dubrovnik.

Romanian Stilettos
Hotel Cismigiu View Bucharest, Romania

Admittedly, I didn’t have a ton of time to shoe shop in the first 3 cities we visited, however, had I seen some i *needed* I would’ve made it happen.

As you can probably tell by now, I wear heels everywhere.  Not EVERYWHERE but pretty much everywhere.  I’m reasonable when it comes to sight-seeing, so I had my share of (cute) flats and even a pair of *gasp* sneakers.  In my defense, we walked over 14 miles one day in Vienna alone!

Chocolate shoes at Naschmarkt in Vienna

I did find some adorable chocolate shoes and shoe shaped alcohol bottles in a few cities, although none made it home with us.  I have received similar chocolate shoes for gifts before, however.

My favorite big city on the trip was Budapest.  It was an unexpected surprise for me.  Of the 5 major cities we planned to visit, this was the one I was least excited about and the one I became the most interested in.  I’d actually like to go and spend more time there.  I enjoy history and this city has a lot of it.  If you ever get a chance, definitely go!

Budapest Pumps
On a balcony in Budapest

Our final stop was Dubrovnik, Croatia.  We spent multiple days there but also took a day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is an absolute must-see.  Dubrovnik itself is lovely.  If life allows, my husband and I have even discussed buying a second home there to live part of the year when we retire.  We kayaked along the old city walls in the Adriatic Sea and went for strolls through old town.  It was an absolutely lovely way to end a 3 week trip around eastern Europe.  If you ever have a chance to go, go!  I would like to visit Zagreb and Split on my next trip.  It’s such a beautiful place!

Balcony View (Hotel Bellevue) in Dubrovnik

I highly recommend the Hotel Bellevue if you’re ever in town – the views, staff, food laundry service and everything else is phenomenal!

Overall our trip was amazing.  I’m still scouring the internet for a beautiful pair of Romanian stitched heels I saw in a little town in Transylvania that of course weren’t available in my size.  I’m determined to find them!   In the meantime, I have my memories and photos to enjoy and look back on.

I hope that if you dream of traveling that you get to do so.  I hope that you have the opportunity to take at least one trip of a lifetime to your dream destination.  There’s so much world out there!


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Shoedazzle Top Picks Wishlist

So it’s been a few months since Christmas, and not-coincidentally my last wishlist.  Why do we have to wait for Christmas to dream?   While browsing the Shoedazzle site I came across a few more items that I absolutely cannot live without.  Now that I’ve seen them, I need them in my life.  Fingers crossed that I’m as lucky this time as with my Christmas list!

First up is the amazing Ellah.  Let’s be real, I know 3 Ella’s and they’re all fabulous, so it’s no surprise that she is gorgeous and one of my must-have’s.  I absolutely love the mesh sections, they add just a bit of sexiness without being overboard.  They’re absolutely sexy but classy at the same time.  You can see here that they’re easily paired with jeans for a lunch date, but could obviously be perfect with an LBD as well.  I’m in love!  You can get them for yourself here! 

Ellah from Shoedazzle 

My next choice, which would also pair well with Ellah, is the Slouchy Off Shoulder Wrap Dress.  It comes in 3 colors, but I’m partial to the olive green.  How “easy-sexy” is this dress?!  The shape is flattering for many figures and is definitely forgiving for those post taco-Tuesday binges.  The material is also easy to travel with, packs easily and doesn’t take any effort.  Well done on this one Shoedazzle!

Slouchy Off Shoulder Wrap Dress from Shoedazzle

And now…. I feel like she should maybe be the main event.. or the grand finale; but I just couldn’t wait!  I’m not a huge caged type heel wearer, but Shoedazzle has been wearing me down slowly and they found my achilles heel with Miss Kaleena.  From the color, to the not overly structured style, she’s perfect.  So summery and bright.  Every girl needs her in their closet.  If you haven’t given in to this style, this is your time! 

Kaleena from Shoedazzle

Another dress.  Although not JUST another dress.  The high-low style is always great for spring and summer.  Great for weddings or parties or just getting drinks, it’s comfortable and still shows off those fab legs you’ve got and of course the amazing shoes you’re rocking.  I’m still torn on which color to get, because in reality I feel like I need both.  The blue is gorgeous and could be super fun with Kaleena if I was feeling matchy that day, but the black and white is timeless and would be great for many events, not to mention I have a beach hat that would look amazing with it.  Which color will you get?

High Low Colorblock Dress from Shoedazzle

Wendy Wendy Wendy.  Whimsical, wonderful, Wow-Wendy!  If there were ever the perfect spring shoe, she would be it.  The natural fabric, the bright coral flower details, the fun T-strap.  She’s adorable!  I’m not sure if I want to run to a tea party or show off a bit as a wedding guest in them.  There’s no doubt I’ll end up with these.  She is timeless and will have people asking you where you got them for years to come.

Wendy from Shoedazzle

Denim dresses are everywhere, so many to choose from!  Even Shoedazzle has many styles to choose from.  This one is going to be my go-to for summer.  Easy and classy, perfect for music festivals, wine tasting or a backyard barbeque.  Another versatile dress-up/dress-down style – I love that about Shoedazzle’s pieces!  Another great thing I love about Shoedazzle denim is just the hint of stretch it has.  Just a bit of forgiveness is a huge bonus when choosing a flattering style.  Check her out here!

Chambray Sleeveless Shirt Dress from Shoedazzle

Well that’s it.. (ha!) for now.  I’ll keep you posted here in the future to let you know which ones I got!  What do you think of my choices?

– Kelly

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Spoil Me Wonderful!

group photo USE THIS ONE

So… you may or may not have seen my Christmas list post…  Feel free to scroll down a bit and check it out if you’re curious!  I loved some items so much I had to update.  1.  Yes, I am spoiled and received ALL of the items on my list.  2.  I love them so much and I want you to be jealous so I’m going to show some of them off.  Okay maybe I don’t WANT you to be jealous, but I want you to know how fabulous they are, which in turn might make you jealous so that’s what I was getting at.

If you aren’t jealous enough, please note that the pics in this post are taken about a block from my house.. so there’s that.

First up is the lovely Dinari.  I think all my friends that use Shoedazzle got her and obviously you can see why.  Beautiful!  The color is vibrant and they’re sexy – perfect for day or night.  (Apparently they’re great for the beach too!)  Purple is one of my favorite colors on the planet; I gravitate to it and anything in the purple/blue/pink color family is pretty much my favorite.  Except smiling, smiling’s my real favorite!  (hehe).

Dinari from Shoedazzle

Now you all know I’m not much of a”bag girl” but Tobias.. is.. well I have no words.  Gorgeous?  Stunning?  Fabulous?  Sexy?  All of the above!  Big enough for day use, fabulous enough for going out.  I got her in black too because I couldn’t pass up having it available for different outfits.  I NEEDED her.  YOU need her- every girl should have her.  She’s so versatile and so expensive looking.  The black had a textured option or smooth finish, I opted for the texture in that one as well (not pictured).  Ok.. so now that you’ve read about how amazing she is, look at her in all her glory.  You could say I’m coco-NUTS about her!

purse coconuts far Use this one
Tobias from Shoedazzle

And last (on this post anyway) but certainly not least, is the absolutely adorable Valarie.  I removed the ankle straps, because I wasn’t in the mood for them (seriously what an awesome option to have!) and I also felt they were completely appropriate for the beach.  Why not really?  All I see is a little bit of sand a heck of a calf workout!  Valarie doesn’t get cuter.  She’s comfortable and you will get SO many compliments wherever you go.  Valentine’s day is coming up, spoil yourself – whether you have a date or not.; Single or taken; holiday or no, she’ll make you feel amazing!

Valarie from Shoedazzle

So there’s some of my Christmas gifts.  I hope you appreciate them as much as I do.  I love that I don’t have to make “excuses” to wear them and just DO.  You should do the same.  There doesn’t have to be an occasion to treat yourself or to wear something special.  Go to the grocery store in Valarie and take Tobias to work.  Just live!


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Excess Baggage?

suitcase shoes

So I’m packing for a long weekend in San Diego and, as usual, I have more shoes than clothes.  My suitcase is mostly full and I was supposed to leave room to bring things back.  There’s so much shopping I want to do that I miss out on in Hawaii.  I’m trying to be rational about paying exorbitant fees for a second bag or just going all in and mailing stuff to myself which, lets be honest, is actually MORE costly and a hassle.

Why do we do this to ourselves?!  Because we NEED them.  I need a pair for each very unique event and activity I’m attending while there.  I need options in case I change my mind or my feet hurt or weather ruins my plans to wear adorable sandals or I simply change my mind on which ones to wear.

Everyone is purging and spring cleaning and clearing out their lives and I’m over here contently sitting under my mountain of shoes.  Moving and packing are the only times it’s ever even remotely considered a “problem”.

I will admit that I’ve gotten significantly better over the years, being more realistic and trying to fit in just the ones I know I’ll need and less of the “extra’s”.  This weekend is an exception.  I’m visiting my best girlfriends, we’re planning to eat A LOT which means dinners and get-togethers.  A drag show, and we all know I need to BRING IT for that and just the usual going out at night.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with me yet, I moved from San Diego to Hawaii last June.  I LOVE Hawaii and this is where I want to be and stay, but San Diego is an amazing place to call home and I miss so much about it.  If any of you Powerball players out there win and want to throw a Mil my way for a fabulous second home in San Diego I’d love you forever!

Now back to shoes.  Can we start one of those petitions on the White House site to make shoes fly free?  Like 1 suitcase for shoes that doesn’t count against you.  I don’t believe there would be any issue garnering support from the millions of women shoe-lovers who also want to look fabulous when they travel out there; not to mention their supportive loved ones who won’t have to pay extra bag fees and won’t have to nag them about the second bag.  Hear, Hear, ladies!

I have a 2 week trip to Europe coming up this spring and I’m already stressed about that one.  It’s going to be chilly, but I want to look cute, however we’re traveling to 5 different cities, and a few different flights/airlines which means I have to really tighten down the luggage load.  So trying to find cute/stylish walking shoes and still have shoes for going out it’s going to be quite an undertaking for an habitual shoe-over-packer like myself.

I’ve read the whole “bring a lot of black because it goes with everything”, which is true, but I just love color.  In the whole suitcase above, only one pair of solid black shoes.  I need spice and sass and patterns and sparkle!

What are your secrets to look fabulous but pack light?  Anything that isn’t the same old stories on all the travel sites?  Have any of you discovered a miracle shrinking cream that shrinks your shoes down to Barbie-sized pumps for travel and a reversal cream to bring them to normal size when you arrive?  If you have, PLEASE patent that miracle and go ahead and set up one of those little kickstarter deals and pass it along.  I’m IN.  I’ll get a second job to support that one!

Have a wonderful day!

– Kelly

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Let Your Feet Do the Talking..

Eternal Friend heels from Irregular Choice, hanging out in Times Square

Is anyone else into crazy shoes?  No?  Just me..?  Okay then.  Feel free to stick around and potentially be amused.  This post might even have multiple pictures!

So those that know me, know that I’ve got a quirky/silly personality and I am rarely serious.  I believe in having fun and enjoying life and living in the moment.  I’m impulsive and always up to try anything new.  This holds true in my footwear collection (with the exception of Crocs and Uggs, you will never find those in my world).  I have “ice cream” heels (pictured below), “dinosaur” heels (pictured below; and can I just tell you how difficult those suckers were to drive in?  Notice his destructive little foot encouraging me to accelerate?), black cats complete with whiskers, a pair with unicorn heads as heels (above) and even a pair with a “warning message” for when I’m in a less than approachable mood (pictured below).  I have a pair that are featured in many well known “shoe art” catalogs (to be featured at a later date), American flag shoes, black winged “Maleficent” type heels, heels with snakes wrapped around them… do I sound like Forrest Gump yet?  So you get the idea.


Sometimes you just want to say a little more without saying anything.  It’s almost like those mugs with the passive aggressive sayings or the quirky little pictures on them that gives you insight to someone’s personality, but less obvious than the typical t-shirt.  There’s a very quiet young man that works down the hall from me.  He seems shy and nervous, but I saw him in the kitchen area cleaning out his mug; which had fake brass knuckles as a handle.  Talk about insight!

It doesn’t take anyone long to figure out my goofiness, but I love that my shoes can do the talking and even be a conversation piece or ice breaker with complete strangers (when I’m in the mood of course).

I’m really looking forward to getting my new shoe room set up in the coming months and hoping to make a special display of my “novelty” and “fun” shoes.  Take away the seriousness of it all.

A birthday gift from a dear friend!

And finally, who doesn’t save room for dessert?  Really I should’ve put them first for the amateurs out there who don’t ever remember to save room!  100% delicious and calorie free for you New Year’s resolvers (see previous post on my stance on this).

ice cream 1
Ice Cream Heels from Shoebakery

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt through my quirky shoe personality side.  These days you an find me primarily in pointy toe pumps and stilettos, but every now and then I like to change it up.

– Kelly

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New Year, New….. Shoes?


Let’s face it.  All we’re going to hear about and have been hearing about in recent days and weeks is “New Year, New You” and similar statements.   If this is your wish, so be it.  It’s not mine.

At the very minimum, I don’t believe in waiting until the start of a new year to “start over”.  There’s nothing wrong with our past, it shapes who we are now.  If you want to change yourself or begin to workout or make a resolution, why not start in April? Or October?  Or any time the feeling strikes you.  I understand the “cleansing” feeling and the idea of the new beginning, but I don’t believe that this magical day is always the right time to do it.  Aside from that, who needs that kind of pressure?  Announcing it to the world and feeling like you’re a failure if you haven’t stuck to it.  Do it for yourself.  Do it whenever you want to do it.

So for for me, New Year, New Shoes is going to be as close as I come.  I’m going to do as I always do and go on adventures, try anything new I can find (with the exception of mechanical bulls or karaoke) and just live my life, new year or midway through.

I will admit that I’m a very blessed woman, and this year is bringing other “new” things as well, but that’s purely based on the calendar.  I’m less than 3 weeks away from closing on a new house!  Although it’s in the location I wanted, it’s going to be a lot of work.  The great news is that I’ll finally have a shoe room again, albeit small,  and I’m looking forward to making it perfect.  I can’t wait to share it with you all when it’s completed!

Be true to yourself and step outside of your box here and there – no matter what time it is!

– Kelly

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All I want for Christmas is….

My Shoedazzle Shoe Tree ❤

Shoes!  This should come as no big shock to anyone.  This particular tree is made out of all Shoedazzle items.  I am totally in love with their stuff and I have so many of their items on my wishlist this year!

I’m not hard to buy for, as you can see above.  I love shoes in all shapes and styles and colors.  Currently I’m in love with pointy toe pumps.  Stilettos are so sexy to me these days.  It was not so long ago that I didn’t wear them at all.  I was strictly a round toe, preferably with a bit of a platform girl.  I just thought they better suited me.  I still love that style as well, but I’ve definitely focused on expanding this section of my shoe world.

The first pair I’m hoping for is called Raziel.. they’re amazing and sparkly and lovely.. and perfect for New Years’ Eve!  I don’t even have plans yet, but I feel like no matter what Raziel should be a part of them.  Hello gorgeous!

Raziel from Shoedazzle


Next up is Valarie.  Oh how I love me some polka dots!    Black and Red usually isn’t a combination I find myself wearing, don’t get me wrong, I like it, I just tend to gravitate to bright colors and if I’m wearing black it’s usually accompanied by a pink or a blue or something more unexpected.  These, however, are just wonderful.  The lace on the toe is divine and I need them in my life.  Can we say fabulous Minnie Mouse?  Yes please!

Valarie from Shoedazzle

Terrina, Terrina!  The best part of a wishlist is that you can go outside of your box and get crazy!  This is another pair I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself.  I’ve never been a huge fan of velvet but I would absolutely love to have these in my collection.  In fact, the more I look at them the more I feel as though I can’t live without them.  The deep blue is just beautiful and the sky high heel is heavenly.  These are a must for me and are already bumped to the top of my list.  I may even need the red too!

Terrina from Shoedazzle

I wouldn’t normally call myself a “bag girl”.  I tend to stick to the same bag for a season day-to-day but love to mix it up when going out for drinks or dinner.  Tobias NEEDS to come my way this year.  She’s so fabulous and that texture and rich tone is beyond delicious!   Please please please let me find this under my tree Christmas morning!  Could you all get the word out to the big man in red for me?!

Tobias from Shoedazzle

And last, but certainly not least, call me predictable.  Dinari.  Now the only reason I don’t have these yet is because they’re suede.  Even that fabulous gold detail on the heel hadn’t convinced me to buy them for myself.  I have, however, fallen for them and am hoping Santa drops them by.  I do give in to suede on a VERY rare occasion.  As a matter of fact, I believe I could count on one hand how may pairs of suede heels I own and the only reason there are that many is that I have 1 pair in 3 colors.  The color is vibrant and beautiful and that detail is just stunning.  I love a bit of surprise on the heel, remind me to share the “snake” heeled pumps Shoedazzle had last year around this time.. they sure know how to “wow” me!

Dinari by Shoedazzle

I hope you enjoyed my list and I hope you’re working on yours too!  I’ve gotta express mail this post to the North Pole and hope none of them sell out before he gets them for me.  I wish you blessings and peace and love and fabulous shoes now and all year round!

– Kelly

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