My Little Piece of Heaven

Panoramic View

Well the shoe room 2.0 is nearly complete.  The shelves and shoes are in, but it’s not decorated yet.  There are about 25 additional pairs of shoes and one more single shelf full of shoes that are not pictured here.  It’s been a labor of love.


We purchased our home in February.  We hired a few contractors to begin renovations and we moved in in March even though they weren’t done.  Fast Forward to August.  Working every weekend on the house when my health would allow, every project seemed to have more problems than we could have even imagined.  My morale was low and I was growing tired, so my dear husband decided to put everything else on hold and focus on the shoe room.  This room began as the “worst” room in the house condition wise and is now the most beautiful.  There was actual grass growing into the baseboards!

We removed the old baseboards and flooring and found grass.  YES GRASS.

After a LOT of hard work, 2 electricians, a flooring installer, a flooring/grout stripper professional to fix the floor and about 6 weeks of non-stop work, it has exceeded my expectations.  This old house was “let go” beyond our wildest imaginations.  Today, with gloss black tile flooring looking like mirrors that reflect the shoes and a chandelier with crystals that cast rainbows on the beautiful lilac walls, it’s absolutely heavenly. The shelving units tilt forward as if to “display” my heels at the perfect angle.

Trying to get a picture that does this beauty justice..

Now I’ve got just a little bit of OCD, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with any of the traits, but the task of organizing my shoes became so overwhelming I almost didn’t do it.  And I still kind of didn’t.  Most of my “sole sisters” recommended that I sort them by color, however the idea of multi-colored and evenly patterned shoes and trying to fit them in gave me such anxiety I created my own system by style.

On the left (and smallest shelf) I have all of my round/closed toed pumps and wedges.  All solid/single colored heels are on the same shelf, and the patterned one’s are on others.  I have settled on an actual color order, so I need to re-do the 2nd shelf from the top.

Rounded, closed toe heels and wedges

On the middle (and largest at just over 8′ long) shelf are all my open toe shoes.  I even have a row of just heels with bows on them.  I also need to update these with the new color pattern.  I did sexy/strappy sandals at the bottom and you can see my boots and booties (not all of them) are also at the bottom – mostly in the boxes to preserve the shafts from bending.

Center shelving unit, 8 feet long.


Finally the right shelf, all my pointy pumps.  It’s amusing because just a few short years ago I did not love this style at all.  I now wear these the most.  As you can see in this shelf, my solid color row is actually in the proper order.  I finally printed an “ink color chart” that I decided was to my satisfaction and answered all of my questions.. i.e. where to does gold go?  Next to silver or near the nude?  Before or after the yellow?  So I’m content.  (Oh and according to my chart, gold goes after gray before silver.. say what?!)


Solid color pumps in order


Pointy-toed pumps

And there you have it!  As I mentioned before, I have another single shelf that holds all of my platform pumps that I rarely wear anymore, and all of my very expensive designer ones are staying protected in boxes in the closet.  I did block all sources of natural light from this room, to keep them from fading, but due to humidity here I wanted them to have additional protection.


It’s safe to say that my morale has improved.  My health is still a bit of a rollercoaster, but I now have one room in this house finished and I don’t think I could love it more.  I’m so grateful to my dear husband for putting literal blood and sweat into this room and working so hard on the very few free hours he has away from work to bring me such happiness.  When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed I go and lay on my zebra bench and just enjoy being there.  I’ll try and update this to show a few pics when I get décor hung and curtains in the closet.

So what do you think?  Any constructive criticism or suggestions?  How do you organize your shoes?


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