These shoes were made for… Traveling!

So I made a terrible discovery on a recent trip.  The shoes in Romania are wonderful and beautiful… and they’re all too small for me!  I wanted to buy so many lovely shoes and they were all one size too small.

I packed LIGHT.. unbelievably light for me with the expectation to buy an entire suitcase full  of lovely new heels from around the world and I only found *1* pair (below).  It was absolutely heartbreaking.  We went to Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest and Dubrovnik.

Romanian Stilettos
Hotel Cismigiu View Bucharest, Romania

Admittedly, I didn’t have a ton of time to shoe shop in the first 3 cities we visited, however, had I seen some i *needed* I would’ve made it happen.

As you can probably tell by now, I wear heels everywhere.  Not EVERYWHERE but pretty much everywhere.  I’m reasonable when it comes to sight-seeing, so I had my share of (cute) flats and even a pair of *gasp* sneakers.  In my defense, we walked over 14 miles one day in Vienna alone!

Chocolate shoes at Naschmarkt in Vienna

I did find some adorable chocolate shoes and shoe shaped alcohol bottles in a few cities, although none made it home with us.  I have received similar chocolate shoes for gifts before, however.

My favorite big city on the trip was Budapest.  It was an unexpected surprise for me.  Of the 5 major cities we planned to visit, this was the one I was least excited about and the one I became the most interested in.  I’d actually like to go and spend more time there.  I enjoy history and this city has a lot of it.  If you ever get a chance, definitely go!

Budapest Pumps
On a balcony in Budapest

Our final stop was Dubrovnik, Croatia.  We spent multiple days there but also took a day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is an absolute must-see.  Dubrovnik itself is lovely.  If life allows, my husband and I have even discussed buying a second home there to live part of the year when we retire.  We kayaked along the old city walls in the Adriatic Sea and went for strolls through old town.  It was an absolutely lovely way to end a 3 week trip around eastern Europe.  If you ever have a chance to go, go!  I would like to visit Zagreb and Split on my next trip.  It’s such a beautiful place!

Balcony View (Hotel Bellevue) in Dubrovnik

I highly recommend the Hotel Bellevue if you’re ever in town – the views, staff, food laundry service and everything else is phenomenal!

Overall our trip was amazing.  I’m still scouring the internet for a beautiful pair of Romanian stitched heels I saw in a little town in Transylvania that of course weren’t available in my size.  I’m determined to find them!   In the meantime, I have my memories and photos to enjoy and look back on.

I hope that if you dream of traveling that you get to do so.  I hope that you have the opportunity to take at least one trip of a lifetime to your dream destination.  There’s so much world out there!


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