Shoedazzle Top Picks Wishlist

So it’s been a few months since Christmas, and not-coincidentally my last wishlist.  Why do we have to wait for Christmas to dream?   While browsing the Shoedazzle site I came across a few more items that I absolutely cannot live without.  Now that I’ve seen them, I need them in my life.  Fingers crossed that I’m as lucky this time as with my Christmas list!

First up is the amazing Ellah.  Let’s be real, I know 3 Ella’s and they’re all fabulous, so it’s no surprise that she is gorgeous and one of my must-have’s.  I absolutely love the mesh sections, they add just a bit of sexiness without being overboard.  They’re absolutely sexy but classy at the same time.  You can see here that they’re easily paired with jeans for a lunch date, but could obviously be perfect with an LBD as well.  I’m in love!  You can get them for yourself here! 

Ellah from Shoedazzle 

My next choice, which would also pair well with Ellah, is the Slouchy Off Shoulder Wrap Dress.  It comes in 3 colors, but I’m partial to the olive green.  How “easy-sexy” is this dress?!  The shape is flattering for many figures and is definitely forgiving for those post taco-Tuesday binges.  The material is also easy to travel with, packs easily and doesn’t take any effort.  Well done on this one Shoedazzle!

Slouchy Off Shoulder Wrap Dress from Shoedazzle

And now…. I feel like she should maybe be the main event.. or the grand finale; but I just couldn’t wait!  I’m not a huge caged type heel wearer, but Shoedazzle has been wearing me down slowly and they found my achilles heel with Miss Kaleena.  From the color, to the not overly structured style, she’s perfect.  So summery and bright.  Every girl needs her in their closet.  If you haven’t given in to this style, this is your time! 

Kaleena from Shoedazzle

Another dress.  Although not JUST another dress.  The high-low style is always great for spring and summer.  Great for weddings or parties or just getting drinks, it’s comfortable and still shows off those fab legs you’ve got and of course the amazing shoes you’re rocking.  I’m still torn on which color to get, because in reality I feel like I need both.  The blue is gorgeous and could be super fun with Kaleena if I was feeling matchy that day, but the black and white is timeless and would be great for many events, not to mention I have a beach hat that would look amazing with it.  Which color will you get?

High Low Colorblock Dress from Shoedazzle

Wendy Wendy Wendy.  Whimsical, wonderful, Wow-Wendy!  If there were ever the perfect spring shoe, she would be it.  The natural fabric, the bright coral flower details, the fun T-strap.  She’s adorable!  I’m not sure if I want to run to a tea party or show off a bit as a wedding guest in them.  There’s no doubt I’ll end up with these.  She is timeless and will have people asking you where you got them for years to come.

Wendy from Shoedazzle

Denim dresses are everywhere, so many to choose from!  Even Shoedazzle has many styles to choose from.  This one is going to be my go-to for summer.  Easy and classy, perfect for music festivals, wine tasting or a backyard barbeque.  Another versatile dress-up/dress-down style – I love that about Shoedazzle’s pieces!  Another great thing I love about Shoedazzle denim is just the hint of stretch it has.  Just a bit of forgiveness is a huge bonus when choosing a flattering style.  Check her out here!

Chambray Sleeveless Shirt Dress from Shoedazzle

Well that’s it.. (ha!) for now.  I’ll keep you posted here in the future to let you know which ones I got!  What do you think of my choices?

– Kelly

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