Spoil Me Wonderful!

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So… you may or may not have seen my Christmas list post…  Feel free to scroll down a bit and check it out if you’re curious!  I loved some items so much I had to update.  1.  Yes, I am spoiled and received ALL of the items on my list.  2.  I love them so much and I want you to be jealous so I’m going to show some of them off.  Okay maybe I don’t WANT you to be jealous, but I want you to know how fabulous they are, which in turn might make you jealous so that’s what I was getting at.

If you aren’t jealous enough, please note that the pics in this post are taken about a block from my house.. so there’s that.

First up is the lovely Dinari.  I think all my friends that use Shoedazzle got her and obviously you can see why.  Beautiful!  The color is vibrant and they’re sexy – perfect for day or night.  (Apparently they’re great for the beach too!)  Purple is one of my favorite colors on the planet; I gravitate to it and anything in the purple/blue/pink color family is pretty much my favorite.  Except smiling, smiling’s my real favorite!  (hehe).

Dinari from Shoedazzle

Now you all know I’m not much of a”bag girl” but Tobias.. is.. well I have no words.  Gorgeous?  Stunning?  Fabulous?  Sexy?  All of the above!  Big enough for day use, fabulous enough for going out.  I got her in black too because I couldn’t pass up having it available for different outfits.  I NEEDED her.  YOU need her- every girl should have her.  She’s so versatile and so expensive looking.  The black had a textured option or smooth finish, I opted for the texture in that one as well (not pictured).  Ok.. so now that you’ve read about how amazing she is, look at her in all her glory.  You could say I’m coco-NUTS about her!

purse coconuts far Use this one
Tobias from Shoedazzle

And last (on this post anyway) but certainly not least, is the absolutely adorable Valarie.  I removed the ankle straps, because I wasn’t in the mood for them (seriously what an awesome option to have!) and I also felt they were completely appropriate for the beach.  Why not really?  All I see is a little bit of sand a heck of a calf workout!  Valarie doesn’t get cuter.  She’s comfortable and you will get SO many compliments wherever you go.  Valentine’s day is coming up, spoil yourself – whether you have a date or not.; Single or taken; holiday or no, she’ll make you feel amazing!

Valarie from Shoedazzle

So there’s some of my Christmas gifts.  I hope you appreciate them as much as I do.  I love that I don’t have to make “excuses” to wear them and just DO.  You should do the same.  There doesn’t have to be an occasion to treat yourself or to wear something special.  Go to the grocery store in Valarie and take Tobias to work.  Just live!


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4 thoughts on “Spoil Me Wonderful!

  1. I’m sure you know this but Dinari looks exactly like a Tom Ford design for a couple of seasons back. I’m actually most jealous of the weather it’s cold and miserable here.


    1. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve found a lot of their styles to be the “steal” version of designers. I saw your Irregular Choice blog post, I have a pair of their “Eternal Friends” unicorn heels (featured in a previous post) and am totally eyeing the new flamingo ones that just came out. Yes it probably was unfair to “rub in” the weather, but I have to work with what I have for pictures. No cityscapes and views except beaches for pics!


      1. Hahah I LOVE a good pun. I’m going to have to make a tough decision. I’ve totally been obsessing over the new “Hawaiian” Louboutins (I tagged you in the pic on IG) so I don’t know if I can do both at the same time and not have a hubby to answer to! LOL We’re closing on a house this week and taking a trip to Europe next month so it’s terrible timing.


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