Excess Baggage?

suitcase shoes

So I’m packing for a long weekend in San Diego and, as usual, I have more shoes than clothes.  My suitcase is mostly full and I was supposed to leave room to bring things back.  There’s so much shopping I want to do that I miss out on in Hawaii.  I’m trying to be rational about paying exorbitant fees for a second bag or just going all in and mailing stuff to myself which, lets be honest, is actually MORE costly and a hassle.

Why do we do this to ourselves?!  Because we NEED them.  I need a pair for each very unique event and activity I’m attending while there.  I need options in case I change my mind or my feet hurt or weather ruins my plans to wear adorable sandals or I simply change my mind on which ones to wear.

Everyone is purging and spring cleaning and clearing out their lives and I’m over here contently sitting under my mountain of shoes.  Moving and packing are the only times it’s ever even remotely considered a “problem”.

I will admit that I’ve gotten significantly better over the years, being more realistic and trying to fit in just the ones I know I’ll need and less of the “extra’s”.  This weekend is an exception.  I’m visiting my best girlfriends, we’re planning to eat A LOT which means dinners and get-togethers.  A drag show, and we all know I need to BRING IT for that and just the usual going out at night.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with me yet, I moved from San Diego to Hawaii last June.  I LOVE Hawaii and this is where I want to be and stay, but San Diego is an amazing place to call home and I miss so much about it.  If any of you Powerball players out there win and want to throw a Mil my way for a fabulous second home in San Diego I’d love you forever!

Now back to shoes.  Can we start one of those petitions on the White House site to make shoes fly free?  Like 1 suitcase for shoes that doesn’t count against you.  I don’t believe there would be any issue garnering support from the millions of women shoe-lovers who also want to look fabulous when they travel out there; not to mention their supportive loved ones who won’t have to pay extra bag fees and won’t have to nag them about the second bag.  Hear, Hear, ladies!

I have a 2 week trip to Europe coming up this spring and I’m already stressed about that one.  It’s going to be chilly, but I want to look cute, however we’re traveling to 5 different cities, and a few different flights/airlines which means I have to really tighten down the luggage load.  So trying to find cute/stylish walking shoes and still have shoes for going out it’s going to be quite an undertaking for an habitual shoe-over-packer like myself.

I’ve read the whole “bring a lot of black because it goes with everything”, which is true, but I just love color.  In the whole suitcase above, only one pair of solid black shoes.  I need spice and sass and patterns and sparkle!

What are your secrets to look fabulous but pack light?  Anything that isn’t the same old stories on all the travel sites?  Have any of you discovered a miracle shrinking cream that shrinks your shoes down to Barbie-sized pumps for travel and a reversal cream to bring them to normal size when you arrive?  If you have, PLEASE patent that miracle and go ahead and set up one of those little kickstarter deals and pass it along.  I’m IN.  I’ll get a second job to support that one!

Have a wonderful day!

– Kelly

*See more pictures and shoes on my Instagram @silverdollarkelly



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