Let Your Feet Do the Talking..

Eternal Friend heels from Irregular Choice, hanging out in Times Square

Is anyone else into crazy shoes?  No?  Just me..?  Okay then.  Feel free to stick around and potentially be amused.  This post might even have multiple pictures!

So those that know me, know that I’ve got a quirky/silly personality and I am rarely serious.  I believe in having fun and enjoying life and living in the moment.  I’m impulsive and always up to try anything new.  This holds true in my footwear collection (with the exception of Crocs and Uggs, you will never find those in my world).  I have “ice cream” heels (pictured below), “dinosaur” heels (pictured below; and can I just tell you how difficult those suckers were to drive in?  Notice his destructive little foot encouraging me to accelerate?), black cats complete with whiskers, a pair with unicorn heads as heels (above) and even a pair with a “warning message” for when I’m in a less than approachable mood (pictured below).  I have a pair that are featured in many well known “shoe art” catalogs (to be featured at a later date), American flag shoes, black winged “Maleficent” type heels, heels with snakes wrapped around them… do I sound like Forrest Gump yet?  So you get the idea.


Sometimes you just want to say a little more without saying anything.  It’s almost like those mugs with the passive aggressive sayings or the quirky little pictures on them that gives you insight to someone’s personality, but less obvious than the typical t-shirt.  There’s a very quiet young man that works down the hall from me.  He seems shy and nervous, but I saw him in the kitchen area cleaning out his mug; which had fake brass knuckles as a handle.  Talk about insight!

It doesn’t take anyone long to figure out my goofiness, but I love that my shoes can do the talking and even be a conversation piece or ice breaker with complete strangers (when I’m in the mood of course).

I’m really looking forward to getting my new shoe room set up in the coming months and hoping to make a special display of my “novelty” and “fun” shoes.  Take away the seriousness of it all.

A birthday gift from a dear friend!

And finally, who doesn’t save room for dessert?  Really I should’ve put them first for the amateurs out there who don’t ever remember to save room!  100% delicious and calorie free for you New Year’s resolvers (see previous post on my stance on this).

ice cream 1
Ice Cream Heels from Shoebakery

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt through my quirky shoe personality side.  These days you an find me primarily in pointy toe pumps and stilettos, but every now and then I like to change it up.

– Kelly

*Find me on instagram for more pics @silverdollarkelly



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