All I want for Christmas is….

My Shoedazzle Shoe Tree ❤

Shoes!  This should come as no big shock to anyone.  This particular tree is made out of all Shoedazzle items.  I am totally in love with their stuff and I have so many of their items on my wishlist this year!

I’m not hard to buy for, as you can see above.  I love shoes in all shapes and styles and colors.  Currently I’m in love with pointy toe pumps.  Stilettos are so sexy to me these days.  It was not so long ago that I didn’t wear them at all.  I was strictly a round toe, preferably with a bit of a platform girl.  I just thought they better suited me.  I still love that style as well, but I’ve definitely focused on expanding this section of my shoe world.

The first pair I’m hoping for is called Raziel.. they’re amazing and sparkly and lovely.. and perfect for New Years’ Eve!  I don’t even have plans yet, but I feel like no matter what Raziel should be a part of them.  Hello gorgeous!

Raziel from Shoedazzle


Next up is Valarie.  Oh how I love me some polka dots!    Black and Red usually isn’t a combination I find myself wearing, don’t get me wrong, I like it, I just tend to gravitate to bright colors and if I’m wearing black it’s usually accompanied by a pink or a blue or something more unexpected.  These, however, are just wonderful.  The lace on the toe is divine and I need them in my life.  Can we say fabulous Minnie Mouse?  Yes please!

Valarie from Shoedazzle

Terrina, Terrina!  The best part of a wishlist is that you can go outside of your box and get crazy!  This is another pair I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself.  I’ve never been a huge fan of velvet but I would absolutely love to have these in my collection.  In fact, the more I look at them the more I feel as though I can’t live without them.  The deep blue is just beautiful and the sky high heel is heavenly.  These are a must for me and are already bumped to the top of my list.  I may even need the red too!

Terrina from Shoedazzle

I wouldn’t normally call myself a “bag girl”.  I tend to stick to the same bag for a season day-to-day but love to mix it up when going out for drinks or dinner.  Tobias NEEDS to come my way this year.  She’s so fabulous and that texture and rich tone is beyond delicious!   Please please please let me find this under my tree Christmas morning!  Could you all get the word out to the big man in red for me?!

Tobias from Shoedazzle

And last, but certainly not least, call me predictable.  Dinari.  Now the only reason I don’t have these yet is because they’re suede.  Even that fabulous gold detail on the heel hadn’t convinced me to buy them for myself.  I have, however, fallen for them and am hoping Santa drops them by.  I do give in to suede on a VERY rare occasion.  As a matter of fact, I believe I could count on one hand how may pairs of suede heels I own and the only reason there are that many is that I have 1 pair in 3 colors.  The color is vibrant and beautiful and that detail is just stunning.  I love a bit of surprise on the heel, remind me to share the “snake” heeled pumps Shoedazzle had last year around this time.. they sure know how to “wow” me!

Dinari by Shoedazzle

I hope you enjoyed my list and I hope you’re working on yours too!  I’ve gotta express mail this post to the North Pole and hope none of them sell out before he gets them for me.  I wish you blessings and peace and love and fabulous shoes now and all year round!

– Kelly

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