How many is too many?


Well we all know this is not even a “thing” to me.  Too many?  What’s that?!  My saint of a husband finally brought it up to me this evening when we were discussing how we were going to work things out in our (potential) new house.  The shoe room is definitely going to be smaller than what I’m used to.  His words were “You may have to set a number and keep it.  At the rate you’re going, we’ll never have enough room.”  Bless his heart.  We’ve been married over 11 years and he’s always been my anchor; the rational side.  He keeps me grounded.  I know he’s right.  It’s true, homes in Hawaii generally have rooms that are far smaller than our previous home, and that room was “full” in a good way without being too crowded.

^3 Sets of shelves built by my sweet hubby in my former shoe room^

He has never once complained about my shoes, and in fact built the shelves in my shoe room.  He’s supported me and loves me in my heels.   He agreed to get a house with 1 more bedroom than we wanted just for my shoes.  No guilt, ever.  Today was a first, and a reality check.  How do I decide?  How could I possibly let go of my beloved heels?  I felt like I got rid of so many when we moved!  I know there are some that I just never wear and the glimmer of possibility that I’ll wear them again is nearly out; so I should donate them or sell them.  I’m just not in that space yet!  Perhaps in a few months when we actually have the house and are moving in and they aren’t fitting I can grasp the concept, but not today.

If you don’t know, I’m a brand ambassador for and  They enable me and, in fact, highly encourage me.  I love them for it.  They keep my collection growing and glowing!

I can’t say that complete strangers or co-workers or others never guilt me about it.  Which is funny, if my spouse doesn’t mind, why should you?  Are you my accountant?  Do you know my finances to be concerned about them?  I’m not sure what leads people to judge the lifestyle choices of those that don’t make the same decisions they do, but It’d be great if they just went ahead and kept it to themselves!

Anyway, enough about this tonight.  Rest assured, I have a myriad of shoes and always will.  They are not going anywhere.

– Kelly

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