It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year?

2015-12-11 14.21.02

It certainly is to me!  While I know not everyone shares my sentiment, and I would never expect them to or try to force them to get in “the spirit” I really do feel that there is something “magical” about this time of year.   Just something in the air.  The decorations the sparkly lights – the warm drinks.  Baked goods, get-togethers, gifts, well-wishing… I could go on and on.  Even those that don’t celebrate Christmas or believe in it seem to lean a bit toward the festivities of this time of year.

On top of all that loveliness, is making the time to bake.  Baking in heels and an apron is probably so cliché and 50’s and sexist or whatever else, but it makes me feel absolutely fabulous!  I tend to stay rather busy, so events and parties that encourage me to bring a treat is my favorite way to force me to make the time for it.  I have a lovely lime green and soft pink kitchen with vintage pinup pictures and old fashioned water pitchers with a floral theme – It’s about as girlie as it gets.  It’s funny because I’m often told that I’m intimidating and make people nervous; so if they saw me in my pink kitchen with pink heels making crème brulee’s and cheesecakes it would probably be quite surprising.

The above picture is actually from last year.  I made 185 mini pies for single Marines who were unable to go home for the holidays.  Admittedly, this batch wasn’t the prettiest, as I was exhausted and did not fully think through what an undertaking that was going to be.  I just love to take care of others, especially this time of year when some (like me) are feeling so high and other’s are feeling so low.  I hope this finds you on the higher side of life, happy, healthy and feeling content with where you are.  One trick my husband and I do is, throughout the year, if we think of a funny story or a memory or randomly have an appreciation for something the other does, we write it down and put it in a jar.  Sometime in December, usually around Christmas or New Years, we sit down and read them together.  This could be a great pick-me-up for this time of year when we’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed or just “in a funk”.

– Kelly

*See more pictures on Instagram @silverdollarkelly


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