A little piece of heaven..


Ahh my shoe room.  As I mentioned before, we recently moved so my little slice of heaven pictured is no more.  We’re renting now so I’m making due with only 2 of the small sets of shelves and overcrowding until we find our permanent home.  It will likely not be as big, but I can’t wait to have it back!   My dear sweet husband offered to put a set on his side of the bed in our already cramped bedroom so I didn’t consider downsizing.  Ahh I’m a lucky lady.

Most people don’t believe me when I tell me I have one.  They then make comments about me being crazy or having “a problem”.  Other’s are shocked and share it with friends and family members and significant others.  It always amuses me when I meet new girls and they tell me how many shoes they have and how they have more than anyone they know.   I usually just smile and tell them how “awesome” that is and let them have their moment.  They almost always end up finding out about my shoe room and feel silly or embarrassed.

I often get gifts with the phrase “She with the most shoes wins” and I absolutely love it.  I would never venture to say I have the most shoes, but I definitely have a lot and can never seem to get an accurate count.  My husband insists it’s over 600, I would say over 400.  Not counting the 20 or so pairs of Chuck Taylor’s and dozens of pairs of sandals and sneakers filling up my regular closet.  He built the shelves in the above picture, so I suppose he has some idea, I guess maybe we’ll meet him in the middle.

However big or small your collection, even if it’s just in your dreams, embrace them and take your favorite pair out and wear them around the house today or running errands just for fun.  That’s what they’re there for!  As a matter of fact I think I’m going to pull out my dinosaur heels right now.  Pics next time!

– Kelly

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