Spots or Stripes?


Why not both?  I say spots AND stripes!  I love the world of color and pattern and anything unexpected or unusual.  I also believe in buying the shoes in every color!  I have these babies in gray also and dearly wish Shoedazzle would bring them out in at least lavender and yellow.  I’d buy any color they made.

Fashionably speaking, I wouldn’t call myself the most adventurous of types, however I have never felt any sort of need to follow fashion “rules” for any reason.  I am often overdressed at events.  I love being ultra matchy with my shoes and accessories and outfits some days and other days the above contrast couldn’t be more perfect to me.

If something makes you feel confident or fabulous or both – definitely go for it!  I’ve struggled with severe anxiety over the years and while working on it, I first practiced the “I’m never going to see these people again, so what do I care what they think of me?” mantra.  It worked!  Well, it worked in places that I didn’t frequent or know anyone of course.  Eventually that attitude gravitated to a wonderful feeling of “This is me being myself and I love it, so why shouldn’t you?”  That’s not to say we’re always the most confident beings around, we all are overly self critical, but it’s a step toward self-love and and acceptance.  You might even find the more confident you “act” the more confident you’ll feel and people will notice!  They’ll find you to be a generally more attractive being.  Positivity works!

I hope you find your inner zebra-polka dot combo and wear something that makes you feel fabulous tomorrow -for no reason, no matter how impractical or out of place it is for the day.


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